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Jetcards & Fractional Shares

The private jet market has an abundance of programmes and membership solutions to choose from, each offering a range of different features and benefits and based upon various terms and conditions. Often many programmes are based upon a brokered fleet of aircraft, while some on an owned fleet of aircraft, backed by a fixed flight hourly rate. In return, some programme providers expect a contracted commitment, while others offer complete flexibility. We ensure you fully understand the features of each programme and the values that they truly offer, ensuring you the confidence to make the correct choice for you.


With many companies offering Jetcards as the preferred solution to the more frequent traveller, choosing the correct card can be a complex process. How many aircraft does the jetcard allow the traveller access to? Are they all of the same aircraft type or a range of aircraft types to cater to different trip missions? Are you guaranteed an aircraft as part of your jetcard? These questions and much more need to be raised when deciding whether this is the type of solution for you.

Many jetcard products on the market offer great benefits to the user. Most offer a fixed hourly rate assisting with budgetary purposes. Some provide global coverage ensuring even greater service delivery no matter where you travel.

We help navigate all of the different solutions available.

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Fractional Share

Fractional Shares are the chosen solution for clients looking for even more of a committed service from their supplier. While ensuring guaranteed levels of service they can command higher costs and contractual agreements of longer durations. These products are favourable for travellers whose schedules can change often, yet still require guarantees needed to complete their trip.

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Sales & Acquisition

Are you considering ownership of your first private plane? Possibly looking to sell an existing aircraft? Or simply looking for a current valuation of your aircraft? Triangle Aircraft Services can work with you to achieve your aviation goals.

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