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Aircraft Management

You have taken delivery of your new aircraft and are now considering choosing an aircraft management company to oversee the operation of your asset. By reviewing various companies offering aircraft management services, it becomes apparent that there are many significant factors and issues that need to be considered during the selection process. While these considerations can be vast and unique, our aim at Triangle Aircraft Services is to ensure our clients are partnered with the correct management company, that will incorporate and aim to achieve our client’s aviation goals and objectives throughout the management of their aircraft.

While there are factors to be considered by all aircraft owners, such as safety and operational experience, each aircraft owner will have a different set of factors unique to them.


As an absolute minimum, our client owner’s safety expectations should be met. What is the management company’s safety record? Has a Safety Management System (SMS) been implemented? Are there routine in-house or independent audits performed on the operation? Are audits observed and do they ensure a positive change?

Operational Experience

What is the level of experience of the company and team managing your aircraft? Have they had experience managing your type of aircraft? Do they have established relationships with the necessary suppliers to support your aircraft operational requirements?

Sole Use or Charter

If you choose to release your aircraft into the charter market in quieter times of usage, the management company must demonstrate a thorough awareness of the charter market and ensure your charter expectations are met.

Once the aircraft has been placed with the most appropriate management company, we continue to represent our aircraft owners’ interest throughout, supported by our in-depth knowledge and experience to drive the aviation goals you wish to achieve.

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