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Private Jet Charter

Whether you need to arrange transport to get to your business meeting or as part of your well-deserved holiday, no matter the reason, Triangle Aircraft Services will have a selection of private business aircraft solutions to choose from. After an initial discussion about your requirements, our consultants will lead you through the selection and simple booking process to secure the private jet charter of your choice.

Whether you travel once a year or you’re a seasoned traveller, we provide you with a variety of options and a combination of services including individual charters, Jet Card membership programmes, and also fractional shares to suit your anticipated flying needs in order to secure the right solution, service, and price you seek. We ensure you a clearer view and understanding of the choices in the aviation market, empowering you to make a more informed choice.

Global Inventory

With access to thousands of private jets around the globe, including all aircraft categories from very light jets suitable for short local flights through to biz-airliners, we are able to comfortably accommodate sole travellers and groups of passengers on local and global trip itineraries.


When it comes to safety there is no compromise, which is why Triangle Aircraft Services only offer aircraft that have an Air Operating Certificate, aircraft insurance allowing commercial travel and fully trained and licensed crew members authorised to operate your charter flight

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Customer Service

Our customer service is unrivalled. We believe that with such a valuable and important service you should not have to navigate alone all the various options in the market. Our consultants will provide a clear comparison of the aircraft available based around your individual requirements, providing you clarity to better select the aircraft of your choice.

Total Reliability 

Once you have chosen the correct aircraft to meet your needs, you will have a choice of booking method to suit your requirements. Communicating with you throughout the entire booking process, we will keep you informed during every step of the way, until the completion of your charter flight.

Find Your Aircraft

We have access to thousands of aircraft worldwide, offering various cabin configurations, flight ranges, and onboard amenities.


Group Charter

Music tours, corporate events, and sports teams are just some of the larger groups we arrange aircraft for. Whatever the reason, no matter how large the group, our aim is to ensure you are partnered with the perfect aircraft, managed by the perfect operator to handle your group charter requirement.

Medical and Repatriation Flights

With medical and repatriation flights, we know time is the critical factor. We work seamlessly with operators globally, who are experts in these exacting scenarios.


Local travel disruption, natural disasters, political and civil unrest are just some of the reasons for a rapid departure from a specific region or area. With access to thousands of aircraft worldwide, rest assured you’ll have an aircraft charter solution for your unique requirements.

Frequent Travellers

For clients using private jets more frequently, longer-term solutions are available. Whether seeking a more consistent flight price structure; requiring the same private jet type; or simply looking for a guaranteed aircraft offer for each trip booked, we provide a tailored solution for your individual requirements, all underpinned with a climate neutral commitment ensuring you a clean travel footprint.

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